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2206 Lincoln BLVD, Santa Monica California, 90405

  IPA  BREWERY       $1,000,000.00

Bills Beer selection

1.  Sports Bar
a. license for Beer and Wine IPA CBD Sports Bar
b. We offer an established lease worth $17,000.00 a month and projections which easily satisfy any investment.


2.  IPA Sports Bar:
We are seeking $92,000.00 for a 25% partner in this investment.  We are seeing an accredited investor that can participate and hopefully contribute and help expand on a franchise able idea and have fun with us on this venture together.   This partner would own 25% of our newly created corporation that would immediately file for beer and wine license and permits in Santa Monica.  We already have a refrigerator that could hold over a dozen new taps when opened.   We are ready.   We are seeking a partner that can contribute both financially and also with some experience in this venture, so that we can all contribute and make this new company  grow mutually for everyone involved.

CBD IPA Beer selection

We are seeking $1,000,000.00 one million US dollars from an accredited investor or firm that can participate in establishing BILLS BEER in Santa Monica, California.  This would also be the first CBD and BEER infused product.  The location would be considered a micro brewery and this would fit within the perimeters of being able to brew and serve Beer and Wine on location.  However the numbers generated from actual product have the ROI in less than five years.  This craft beer would be immediately as the only local IPA made and brewed in Santa Monica, California with water from Santa Monica, California.  Using our Air to Water atmospheric water dehumidification process we create the cleanest water on the planet. 


Bills Beer uses Air to Water from Air to Water Inc the leaders in water for outer space travel!

This water was so clean and sustainable, it is the water system for travel through outer space, and no beer today is created from water using this process.  Now why is that amazing?  Its amazing because even the EPA agrees and says that this is the best water on the planet, the water you breath.  Great beer comes from using great water just ask Coors or study the charts on Beer companies in Colorado because of this fact alone.   Now combine Santa Monica with a technology that brings this to everyone’s doorstep, and at the same quality.   Having the location that we do and also 50years in beer and wine sale, we have collected and array of vineyards that have all agreed to have the Santa Monica Wine tasting events at our location right off of the pacific coast highway in Santa Monica where the palms meet the Pacific, on Lincoln blvd in the heart of action in Los Angeles. 


4.  TAX Advantages
We would also ask that our partner be forward thinking and help us address and even help us solve certain situation which we have identified with the homeless population in Los Angles County California.  We ask that we act out of compassion


Bills Beer Entertainment


Who we are.   The Ruiz family has been selling alcohol in Santa Monica for over half a century and before this country was created, tis family was indigenously here.    The matriarch of the family “Tilly” or Matilda is 90 years old, her grandmother Nana danced with “Pancho Villa” and it could be assumed that drinks were served there as well. All in all, this is truly an indegneous Santa Monica family with a taste that is truly authentic.    


6. Staff

Jeff Ruiz Sr- General Manager
Jeff Ruiz Jr – General Manager
Billy Ruiz - Security
Chris Sanders – Master Brewer and CBD partner
Joey – Floor Night Manager
Ceasar – Master of Kitchen


7.  Timing

Now is the TIME!   2 NFL Football Teams and Now LaBron James, need we say more?  Joseph retired military,  went to high school with Jeff and the two have managed alcohol sales at that location for 40 years.  These sales over the years range in the millions.  What we are establishing here is solidarity, and authenticity.  For everyone has come to Santa Monica California with their taste and aspects and flavors from all over the world, yet each of the from Cary Grant and every Hollywood celebrity, have received their taste of the Ruiz family and their flavor.  That is why, we think it is time to franchise this flavor, not only as a sports and IPA bar, but aso a place of healing and authentic foods.  Tilly’s health, speaks for itself and her years include the management of vitamins and minerals.  This family is long lived on all sides as one member lived from the 1800’s all the way into the twentieth century living in the 1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’ and I will ad, enjoying a nice flavor of Bill’s Beer.  We think its time to bring this Beer, and this atmosphere together at time when Los Angeles has just acquire two Football Teams, LaBron James with the Lakers, The Kings, The Clippers, and The Dodgers.  The time is now for a Sports Bar.  Similar successful venues would be Brennans who just spent over a half million in remodeling and are already looking at a profit.  Hinano’s would also probably experience these number yet with a way higher rent than  what we would establish.  What all three location offer is time, stability, and success.  Yet, imagine if one of them also had a brewery with an added area of health, combining drinks such as Kombucha offered on tap, with IPA and our very own CBD Beer with projections that easily reach the millions in ROI. 


SPORTS IPA BAR             $92,000.00
1. License                                                                       $15,000
2. Keg Lines and refrigeration equipment

3. TV and Sound Lights Electric and Cameras         $15,000
4. Backyard leveling of floor for license location
5. Building for compliance for Sports IPA Bar


 Jeff Ruiz for more details about this project.
Phone: (310) 428-8624

 Chris Sanders for more details about this project.
Phone: (310) 970-2400

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